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Nature Machine, plays at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA on the third Wednesday of every month.


We are:

Jim Buni: Guitar Vocals

Anna Sicam: Vocals

Liz DeBiase: Keys Vocals

You can hear us live.  We perform highly distilled, harmonically dense song oriented music.  We invite listeners in with unexpected original compositions, harmonies, and warm improvisational accompaniment.


Our influences include  The Great American Songbook, AM Pop, Folk Revival, American Country & Blues, Surf, Classic Rock, Post Punk.


Nature Machine emerged as the live expression for the projects, songs, home recordings, and live solo performances of Jim. The band is comprised of three musicians who also happen to be friends and neighbors. We care about the songs we play and do so with a sense of humor and purpose. 


Jim's catalog is clear for use through the Nature Machine Publishing Company.  Jim started writing, recording, and performing music in 1983, most notably with the band buttercup in the 1990s. buttercup released fifty-nine original songs on five full-length albums on Ron Schneiderman's Spirit of Orr label. Ron worked the records within the emerging Americana scene with coverage in Alternative Press, The Guardian, Mojo, No Depression,  and others. A compilation of the band's work was released in 2014 on the Swedish label Sound Asleep. Since the band's wind-down in 2000, while raising a family and running an old house renovation business, Jim writes and transcribes songs. He works mainly in his home studio and performs solo and with supporting musicians while networking with music people, family, and friends in the Boston area. He also plays guitar in a pub rock band, Double Down with Baker. Jim's songs reference the  history, fun, recovery, futurism, grief, hope, family, in a unique blend of American genres from the dawn of recorded music to his friends and heroes from the underground.

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