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Nature Machine 







..........   a musical act based on the outskirts of Boston. Through the Fall of 2023, they'll be performing their original work in a  mellow and conversational style at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA on the third Wednesday of every month.  Sometimes Jim, singer guitarist, goes it alone. Sometimes he is accompanied by Anna on vocals and/or Liz on piano.


Influences include Ambient, AM Pop, Folk Revival, American Country & Blues, Surf, Classic Rock, Post Punk, American Songbook, and Minimalism.



Coming of age during the golden age of guitar based rock, cassette 4 tracking, and DIY bands in close proximity to a thriving and accessible Boston club scene, our songwriter, the fun loving, motivated and adequately talented Jim started writing, recording, and performing music with various bands in 1983, most notably with the band buttercup starting in the early in the 1990s. buttercup released fifty-nine original songs on five full-length albums on the Spirit of Orr label between 1994 and 2000. The label worked the records within the emerging Americana scene with coverage in Alternative Press, The Guardian, Mojo, No Depression,  and others. A compilation of the band's work was released in 2014 on the Swedish label Sound Asleep. After the band's wind-down in the twilight of the raging 90's, the 2000's saw Jim performed sporadically while continuing writing songs, these are the songs of Nature Machine. They songs reference history, fun, recovery, futurism, grief, hope, family, the metaverse, and more! Blending genres from early recorded music to friends and heroes from the underground, the result is metamodern American pop music in it's broadest and oldest sense. Jim works mainly in his home studio and performs as much as he can under the title of Nature Machine. Sometimes buttercup will play a show, he also plays in pub rock band Double Down with Baker.


His catalog is clear for use through the Nature Machine Publishing Company. 

NM Sampler - 9_19_23, 9.26 AM
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