Nature Machine is a term for the musical universe of a guy named Jim. He's been writing, recording, and performing music in the Boston area and beyond since 1983, most notably recording and performing his songs with the band Buttercup in the 1990s. Buttercup released fifty-nine original songs on five full-length albums on Ron Schneiderman's Spirit of Orr label. Ron worked the records within the emerging Americana scene with coverage in Alternative Press, The Guardian, Mojo, No Depression,  and others. A compilation of the band's work was released in 2014 on the Swedish label Sound Asleep. Since the band's wind-down in 2000, Jim has transcribed hundreds of songs and written volumes more. He performs solo and with supporting musicians while networking with music people, family, and friends in the Boston area. He also plays guitar in a pub rock band. His songs call up the East and the West, history, fun, futurism, grief, hope, and family.

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